The Sedona Bridge Center is holding Novice and
Intermediate Bridge Classes at the Elks Lodge, 100 Airport Road, in Sedona Arizona.

Please call Marsha Helton at 284-9245 if you are interested.

The Road to Leadville (no, Lauglin)
Our 2009 Newcomer Class is still 60 plus strong and enduring members. We started our journey almost 10 months ago.   We have spent a lot of time learning a new game, bridge.  The best part of the whole journey is that we have met a lot of very fine people.  We have become a family, of sorts.  We have had some milestones recently and have put together some pictures of our friends and family.

The Notebook assembly line
Geri, Bob, Susan, JJ, George, Jean, Carolyn, Barbara & Faye put together 60 member books.

Swiss Teams -our first Swiss team event on Tuesday,
October 20th before the Laughlin tournament

Pat Dodd oversees Faye Kornfeld, Geri & Doug Loughmiller and Bob Willard.

Harry & Larane McKee battle Ann Schwartz and Mary Snyder

Don't Tell Darryl that we missed the turn to Leadville and ended up in Laughlin Nevada.  21 newcomers head to Laughlin!

A view of the Colorado River and the River Palms Hotel.
The road to Golden Nuggett.

Thursday Night Dinner - Salt Grass Steak House

Left: Larane & Harry McKee & Marcia Steans
Right: Doug & Geri Loughmiller, and Cookie Carpenter

Thursday Night Dinner - Crab Shak

Sonya Webber, Bob & Dee Willard, Carolyn Monje, Miki Dzugan, Ann & Fred Shaylor, Bob and Pat Jay, George
Harger & Bob Backman.  (Are Bob Willard's eyes in his forehead?)

Susan Eaton, Alice Martin, Pat Dodd, Jim & Ginny Hall, Darryl Helton (the navigator)


Friday Events - First Master Points

Cookie Carpenter with partner Bob Willard got her first master points the first time she ever played!

Sonya Webber gets her first master points.  We had to call a class meeting to get Sonya from her hotel room so we could all celebrate with her.  From left to right, Steve & Amy Gill,
Susan Eaton, Alice Martin, Carolyn Monje, Pat Jay, Sonya, Marsha Helton, Mike Dzugan & Sonya's bridge partner, George Harger


Friday night - Margaritas and Beer - 64 ounces of Margaritas for $6.50 and 64 ounces of bear for $4.50
Alice Martin, Geri Loughmiller, Marcia Stearns, Sonya Webber, Darryl Helton, Doug Loughmiller, Susan Eaton & George Harger.

Saturday Night - Larane McKee, Geri Loughmiller, Darryl Helton, Harry McKee & Doug Lougmiller enjoy a drink before dinner.

Sunday Swiss Success:  Alice Martin teamed with Marsha Helton, while Darryl played with George Piersall Jr. (less than 200 master points), to place 19th overall and 5th in B (500 to 1500 master points) in the Sunday Open Swiss Team game. 

Marsha, Darryl & Alice
Bob Jay (Pat's husband) & Vern at breakfast

Golfers too!
In between rounds of golf, Ginny Hall and Elaine Harger cashed master points in their first bridge event ever!

Miki Dzugan enjoys breakfast at the River Palms

Marcia Stearns & Jay Kavanaugh, both mentors to the newcomers enjoy dinner

Bob Crabb, Mimi Esser, Marie & Vern Jorgenson visit the Hoover Dam - the new bridge expansion is shown in the foreground.

Linda Gordon, Darryl & Marsha Helton & Robb Gordon after a long 3 day but very successful tournament

Goodbye, Phyllis:  On a sadder note, members of the Sedona newcomers group attend the Memorial for Phyllis Asmussen.