ROBB GORDON, UNIT 355's DIAMOND LIFE MASTER HAS FORMED the NORTHERN ARIZONA BRIDGE GROUP website on GOOGLE. The purpose of this website is to provide fast informal communication between people interested in bridge in Northern Arizona. This may be a good place to look for a partner or a team, advice on a hand or a system, to brag about good results, and moan bad ones. Robb will add some of his expertise in hand analysis, tips, etc..

To access this website, you must first register (Free) at Google will e mail you that you have registered, then you must click on the URL contained in the e mail from Google to complete the registration. At this time, you can access the Northern Arizona Bridge group by clicking on "here" (below) or typing the following http address:
Click here to access the Arizona Bridge Group
or type (

This website will operate like a chat room and provide opportunities for the people of Northern Arizona to improve communication.